Today is International Women’s Day 2022!

Let’s take this chance and honour the women who impacted our understanding of biology!
Who are the famous female biologist without whom biological research would not be where it is today? Read about Barbara McClintock and her discovery of transposons, Nettie Maria Stevens and her discovery of human sex determination, and Rosalind Franklin and her role in solving the DNA structure.

Find out about the women, who are currently shaping the history of biology such as Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier, Katalin Kariko and Nina Tando.

Read about the famous women in biology and their important contributions to science.

Dr. Katrin Juling is one of the powerful woman behind the successes of Eurofins Genomics.

Anita and Linda are technical assistants in the Oligonucleotide Quality Control and Shipping Team. Find out about their responsibilities and tasks at Eurofins Genomics and get some personal insight.

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