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The Eurofins Genomics’ EVOcard celebrates its success of more than 15 years.
It started in 2005, when the EVOcard was first launched by then called MWG Biotech. It was the first “credit card” offered by a biotech company in Europe at that time.

Even though many companies offered credit accounts for their customers, where the customer could deposit a certain amount of funds for orders, the EVOcard was a new idea and the solution to several issues that were not solved with credit accounts:

  1. Need for more transparency.
  2. Lack of convenient way to share funds.
  3. Administrative burden higher than necessary.
EVOcard adventages

The most important factor for the success of the EVOcard was that customers could create more transparency about their budget. Firstly, customers did not have to enquire about account balances anymore and were able to directly and easily access an up-to-date balance overview in their web shop accounts. As the EVOcard is connected to the web shop, customers can immediately use it to order our services and products, such as Mix2Seq for Sanger sequencing or primers for PCR ((q)PCR Primer). Research and projects can be unpredictable at times. Therefore, it is beneficial to be able to freely use funds for the service or product you need.

The EVOcard not only allows for more transparency, flexibility and convenience, it also adds further degrees of choice. The account owner can add users to the EVOcard who then can use the budget on the card to order services and products. Funds can also be consolidated on one EVOcard and used for selected projects. In combination with the up-to-date balance overview and order history, budget management became much more convenient and easier with the EVOcard.

Another strong added advantage of the EVOcard is the reduction of administrative burden. The overview of the up-to-date balance and order history of the EVOcard in the web shop simplifies budget administration and reduces the need to keep physical records that are mostly on paper. This leads to an important extra point of environmental awareness. The enquiry for balances of credit accounts often led to printing of balances on paper and sending of letters. With the EVOcard, it was possible to substantially reduce paper use.
Use all the benefits of the EVOcard – Easy Value Ordering.

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