Have you already met our European sales team?
It consists of the most competent and experienced sales representatives from Eurofins Genomics and Eurofins GATC Biotech.

Our team of experts is at your disposal with all the information on our extended end-to-end product portfolio.
You don’t know who is active in your region? Get in touch with our customer care team by sending an e-mail to support-eu@eurofins.com or call them directly dialing one fo our free phone numbers. They will gladly arrange a meeting with the sales representative for your region.

You can also meet our team at conferences such as the Synthetic Biology III 2018 in Landshut, Germany, 23rd to 25th July, or the International Symposium on Plant Mutation Breeding and Biotechnology, in Vienna, Austria, 27th to 31st August.

For a list of conferences where we can meet, check out our Events Site.


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