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When it comes to Sanger sequencing, oligos and genes, we cover all bases with our 20 years of experience and offer highest quality and fast delivery for great prices! Switch to Eurofins Genomics and get a switching bonus for your order of Sanger sequencing, oligos and/or genes. Just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer.

Highest flexibility for Sanger sequencing

Sanger sequencing for your samples in tubes or plates. Either premix your DNA sample with your primer, or just send your DNA samples and choose from our stock of pre-defined primers. Your sequencing results will be ready the next morning when you switch on your computer.

Speed up your research with our Express Oligos

Primers at your bench in less than 24h. Why wait longer?

  • (q)PCR Primer NightXpress is optimised for best standard and real-time PCR results.
  • SeqPrimer NightXpress is perfect for Sanger sequencing and the detection of single base variants.
  • SaltFree Oligo NightXpress is the quickest desalted oligo available.
  • Standard Primer NightXpress is the gold standard for primers.

Express Genes up to 1000 bp in only 4 days!

Real express delivery of your synthetic genes including codon optimization and quality report with detailed project specifications, complete plasmid description, restriction map and DNA sequence information. Your data is stored under strict confidentiality!

Environmentally friendly, reliable and super-fast collection and delivery

On top of these great offers, our packaging and logistics are environmentally friendly! We use paper bags made of 100% recycled paper and certified with “Blue Angel” instead of plastic bags for sample transport. Our famous Böxle is now also environmental friendly!

In terms of logistics, your DNA samples are collected and oligos and genes are delivered by our bicycle courier, who is a permanent part of our team in Vienna! Using a bicycle is not just environmentally friendly, but also highly flexible and effective in navigating the heavy traffic in Vienna.

Read more about our environmentally friendly concepts at The DNA Universe Blog.

Read an interesting interview with our bicycle courier Franz.