Eurofins Genomics Agrigenomics and MGI engaged into an agreement to make NGS for the Agrigenomics market more affordable and democratize it access.

With this partnership parties forecast to propose high coverage WGS and lowpass sequencing at all in price never achieved on the market so far.

During PAG 2024 in SanDiego, Eurofins unveiled 30X WGS starting from $100 including library preparation, flow-cell, labor, CAPEX and project management.

WGS will be used for structural variations discovery and to build reference populations necessary for then low pass sequencing analysis. Low pass sequencing, also called skim-seq or skim-GBS, will allow the industry to genotype their population without fixed SNPs content and get 500k+ markers in a single analysis. Clients without available microarrays for their specie of interest show already a huge excitement on lowpass sequencing as it will allow them to move forward on genomic selection at finally affordable cost.

Eurofins Genomics and MGI are excited to come soon with further announcement on lowpass sequencing price to always better serve livestock, plants & seeds, aquaculture and companion animals industries.

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