Secure Your Benefits to Boost Your Project and Research!

It has been a difficult year with lots of stress and struggle and your project and research may have even suffered. ​You deserve a reward. We start our end-of-year promotion earlier this year, so you can boost project or research.

From 1st September, you will get 20% EXTRA on your order of our
pre-paid Sanger sequencing services*1

Just use the promo code “EOY2020” for your order:

  • Minimum of 100 TubeSeq Labels and get 20 % EXTRA
    Example: order 100 TubeSeq Labels and get 120 TubeSeq Labels
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  • Minimum of 5 PlateSeq Kits and get 20 % EXTRA
    Example: order 5 PlateSeq Kits and get 6 PlateSeq Kits
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  • Minimum of 5 LightRun 96 Barcodes and get 20 % EXTRA
    Example: order 5 LightRun 96 Barcodes and get 6 LightRun 96 Barcodes
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  • Minimum of 5 SupremeRun 96 Barcodes and get 20 % EXTRA
    Example: order 5 SupremeRun 96 Barcodes and get 6 SupremeRun 96 Barcodes
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Enter the promo code “EOY2020” in the promotion code field at your last checkout step.

It’s getting even better!

We believe that our SeqPrimer that has been optimised for sequencing applications is the best match for Sanger sequencing of your DNA samples.

Test our SeqPrimer or any of our oligos with a 20€ oligo voucher*2. You will find a voucher enclosed with every Sanger barcode order!

*1 The promotion is valid from 01.09.2020 – 31.12.2020. Minimum order volume: 100 TubeSeq Labels, Supreme Run Barcodes, LightRun Tube Barcodes, LightRun NXP Barcodes, 5 Mix2Seq Kits, PlateSeqKits and LightRun 96 Barcodes. Ordering uneven numbers (not dividable by) will lead to the on top addition of the last even number. Example: Order 201 barcode labels and get 40 labels extra. To redeem this offer the promotion codes must be entered in the promo code field online at the time of ordering. The promotion code is only valid once. Promotion may not be applied to orders after they have been confirmed. Promotion is not valid for orders placed by fax or email. This promotion cannot be combined with other discounts.
*2 The oligo gift voucher is valid for 14 days after recieving. It applies only for customers who have not ordered oligos before. Voucher amount will be deducted in the local currency from your invoice. Local currencies: CHF 22, SEK 206, GBP 18. Voucher code can be used exclusively for oligo orders. Savings do not apply to shipping charges. Remaining voucher balance cannot be paid out in cash.

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